Furbles - Genesis collection
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OnBoard NFT will mark their entrance to the Cardano NFT space with the launch of their 8,888 piece Furbles collection. To remain true to the artist, this collection has been ENTIRELY hand drawn by Squashua and includes multiple OnBoard base characters, multiple physical pieces of real-life art, and over 220+ unique traits.

Bridging the real-life to NFT art gap

Through their unique and extensive suite of support services, OnBoard can make bridging the real-life to NFT art gap a possibility for everyone.

Levelling the playing field

Cardano exists to be an enabling force for positive change and progress. OnBoard stays true to these values and empowers artists to become the positive change and progress.

For artists, for investors, for humanity

OnBoard welcomes artists and holders from all walks of life. We do not acknowledge wealth, geographical location, social class, or race. Only passion for innovation.

Our Vision

At times, it feels as though there is a disconnect between the way people discover and purchase NFTs, and the way they discover and purchase art in real life. We've all asked ourselves - Why are so many super-talented, real-life artists yet to bring their art to the NFT world? OnBoard NFT fixes this.

At OnBoard we want NFT buyers to invest in the best art and artists that our world has to offer, but something needed to change to make that a reality.

For artists wishing to explore NFTs, OnBoard can offer:

  • Project funding
  • Digital design support
  • Website creation and hosting
  • Minting services
  • Unique access to the Cardano community
  • Continuous marketing support
  • The opportunity to launch a small, exclusive collection
  • Plus a number of additional, tangible benefits

The Team


Cardano Salad

Salad joined the Cardano NFT space in the summer of 2021 and quickly gained a substantial following on Twitter for finding, researching, and reviewing new CNFT projects without charging them (the people's influencer!). Salad's diamond threads are always well received on Twitter and have given him the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best names in the Cardano NFT space, forging some fantastic relationships along the way. Salad will be overseeing the day to day running of OnBoard and act as lead liaison between OnBoard NFT, their artists, and the physical art scene.



Yannick joined the CNFT space towards the tail end of the 'CNFT Summer' in 2021. He gained a sizeable following on Twitter in a short amount of time through finding, researching, and reviewing up and coming Cardano NFT projects. From there, he carved a name for himself as one of Cardano's greatest community members and has done fantastically in his role as Community Manager for Degen Crypto Club. Yannick will utilise his experience to manage the community, marketing, and social media presence of OnBoard.



Squashua is the artistic flame of the OnBoard team. He was born in Oxford, England, where he lives and works to this day, and has only recently entered the NFT space with OnBoard NFT. He studied analogue animation at University in England before exploring a variety of artistic jobs and styles; caricature, watercolour landscapes, spray paint, murals, and commissions, before finally going back to his cartoon style roots in creating OnBoard's legacy collection, The OnBoard Furbles.